Night Sky

It’s hard to explain how photographing the moon, stars and the Milky Way became one of my passions. The seed may have been planted when I was a teenager and laid in the grass at night and marveled at what I saw looking straight up, and realizing how tiny my world was and wondering what my place was in it.  I feel blessed to be living in a time in history where we have the tools and information at our disposal to reach out to our galaxy and beyond.  Our cameras, with long exposures, are able to see things that we cannot see with our eyes alone.  Considering the distances of the tiny points of light that we can capture, it is like taking a picture of the past.  What I lack in knowledge of astronomy, I make up by connecting our little planet, the land, with the marvels in the night sky. 

And I wonder sometimes, if another photographer on another planet around another sun in our galaxy is pointing his camera at me.